Presley started in the veterinary medicine field in January 2021.  For her entire life, Presley has had animals of her own and wanted to work with them in her career.  Her Ganmaw was an animal lover and she likes to think she took up her passion. Her Ganmaw used to call Presley her little future vet and while she never got a doctorate, Presley knows Ganmaw would be proud to see her now as a vet tech and doing what she loves, especially after it’s taken her so long to get to this place in life. Presley believes it’s true what they say, hard work pays off and you always have to keep chasing your dreams. She feels that working for Pet Shots Express has been such a blessing and continues to bring her more joy every day. Presley says “It doesn’t feel like work, which is what I’ve always strived for.  Not to mention, everyone is so kind and the doctors are more than happy to teach. There’s also something new to learn every single day which is what I thrive on!”  Outside of work, Presley enjoys horseback riding and taking her blue heeler, Athena, with her on trail rides, one of her biggest hobbies and passions. She also has 2 new kittens, Esther and Rafiki, that she enjoys playing with and their sister Athena loves them too!  Presley says, “I guess you could say that animals are my whole life and I hope it always remains that way!”