Monday – Friday 9:30am-5:30pm
Saturday 9:00am-2:00pm

Pet Shots Express is a veterinary clinic located in Canton, Georgia.  We offer high quality pet care at the most affordable prices, with state-licensed veterinarians, and educated staff.   We are committed to the well-being of your pet without the major costs involved!

Here is how we save you time, money, and how we are different:

Difference #1:  Veterinary medicine has remained virtually unchanged for the last 50 years. Veterinarians have had to be everything to everyone. We have had to have all the necessary equipment for surgical and medical care. This equipment, the staff to run it, along with the training involved in offering these services can easily cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars. Veterinarians knew that this equipment could not be paid for by the few sick patients that walk through the doors every day. The only way to absorb the cost of these items was to increase the cost of basic services, such as exams, vaccinations, routine tests, and pet medications.  So, we decided not to offer surgery or emergency services; therefore, we have no surgical overhead, allowing us to keep our costs down.  This way, we become a veterinary “clinic,” not a veterinary “hospital.”  We still have qualified staff, we just don’t have the overhead costs of the surgical equipment, hospitalization, and overnight boarding; so we are able to offer our veterinary services at a reduced cost without compromising the quality of care.

Difference #2:  What if someone realized that they could offer yearly procedures without the expense of high medical equipment and staff expenses? Enter Pet Shots Express! We offer a quality veterinary experience without the cost. We offer comprehensive care packages; we do routine vaccines, and blood work without the extra costs. You can purchase any of our vaccines or lab tests individually or as part of a package.  By not having high staff costs or hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medical equipment we can offer these services at almost HALF of what other practices can.

Difference #3:  We are not just a wellness practice.  While we do focus on preventative care for pets, we see sick patients too!  We manage minor illnesses such as ear infections, eye issues, skin irritations/rashes, upper respiratory issues, and gastrointestinal issues.  We also can manage chronic conditions your pet may have such as diabetes, arthritis, allergies, or seizures.   Just like a regular, full-service veterinary hospital,  we are stocked with a full pharmacy as well.

Difference #4:  Our Laboratory Testing is affordable and can transfer to another practice if needed for surgical or dental procedure there.  We offer comprehensive blood testing, with results the very next day!  This blood-work can be added as part of your pet’s annual wellness visit, or if you pet is having a dental or surgery and needs blood-work, we can always do the blood-work and send the results for you to the surgeon or Full-service veterinarian.  This often saves time and money for pet owners.

Difference #5:  Never feel ashamed of this, because we aren’t….but we work with your Full-service Vet too!  More and more pet owners are saving time and money by taking their dogs and cats to Pet Shots Express for routine service like vaccinations, wellness exams, and treatment for minor issues.  They still maintain their relationship with their full service vet.  We will help you keep your record updated at your Full-service Vet by emailing records so that your pet’s conditions and vaccination schedules are always up to date.  Also, if you bring in your pet and we notice a serious health concern we have resources to refer you to the appropriate veterinarian, or we work with your Full-service Vet.  Since we do not have surgical equipment or radiography capabilities, there may be times where we feel it is appropriate to send your pet to another provider, because we want your pet’s health problems resolved in a timely manner.

Difference #6:    Finally one of the biggest breakthroughs with our affordable service is that we can provide most pet medications such as flea, tick, and heart-worm products at a much reduced cost. Compare our prices to other local veterinarians and in most cases, we BEAT their prices.  More importantly, we GUARANTEE our products, whereas online pharmacies do not.


It’s fast and easy

Since we mostly see routine wellness and minor sick cases, and because we do not perform surgeries or see emergencies, it cuts down on the wait time. We can generally get you in and out of the clinic in 30 minutes!


You save money.

Because we don’t have the advanced diagnostic machines this means we can offer vaccines and other products at significant savings, usually 30%-50% less than most other veterinarians!


Everyone’s happy!

You work hard. You should be able to spend that extra time and money on something everyone will enjoy. You deserve it and your pet does too!